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Merchant FAQ

How do I sign up?

To sign up, please fill out the page on our website and we will have one of our dedicated team members get in contact with you.

How long does it take to set up my account, once I sign up?

Accounts are typically set up in 7 business days. This includes the website, marketing materials, the menu, and app setup and installation.

How do customers order?

  • Customers order directly from your restaurant online. They will be ordering through either your existing website, or the website Dylish has created for your location.
  • Customers are also able to save the ordering page as an app on their mobile device for easier, expedited ordering.

How does delivery work?

  • Delivery can be set up as:
  1.  In-house delivery, where your restaurants have their own driver. You can set the delivery fee, delivery radius, and delivery minimum. 
  2. Or delivery can be integrated with a fleet service, offering you a greater radius, and multiple drivers for multiple deliveries as needed.

What happens when there is an issue with a delivery?

  • If there are issues with the delivery from the fleet service please contact the assigned driver found on the order screen or our office directly at 323-400-4035. 
  • In-house deliveries are subject to the restaurant’s own policies.

When will I receive my deposits?

  • Deposits are made every two days Monday through Thursday.
  • Friday – Sunday deposits are made on Tuesdays.
  • Please ensure all orders in your merchant app are marked completed in order to receive deposits in a timely manner.

Order & Payments Processing

A new order will both flash and ring on the tablet. You will then have to confirm the order on the tablet. At the end of the day, the order must be marked as completed to settle the transaction in order for the funds to transfer to your account.

How does billing work?

  • Processing charges are withdrawn the 1st week of every month for the processing of the prior month. 
  • The monthly service fee is collected on the same day monthly on the day the account went live.
  • No contract, month to month.
  • The processing charge is a fixed flat rate.

Restaurant Marketing

  • Marketing is provided for your restaurant at no additional charge. It is included with all the listed plans. 
  • Marketing is provided in both physical flyers that include a custom QR code to download our app and targeted digital ads aimed at the restaurant-specific demographics.
  • Every month, we re-invest a portion of what you processed back into marketing for your restaurant. 

My Restaurant Information

  • Dylish will upload your menu (including all your categories, food items, modifiers, and pictures) set your business hours, and tax rate if applicable. 
  • You can adjust the price of food items, or deactivate items on the tablet in the menu management tab. 
  • You can turn the menu to your app ON or OFF for customers in the business state tab on the tablet.

My Website

Dylish uses a standard template that has been proven to lead to more engagement with your restaurants, thus increasing the likelihood of completed orders.

How to Use the Tablet

Tablets are programmed ready to go. You simply need to connect the tablet to your WiFi and ensure the Bluetooth is paired to our printer (if you do opt-in for a printer). Once this is done, you will tap the Star WebPRINT App and watch the orders roll in.


  • Our optional equipment is an iPad, stand,  Bluetooth printer, and a website.
  • Our included equipment is physical marketing materials with a unique QR code, customer ordering page, your mobile APP, and targeted social media ads.

Error Messages

Dylish has been built with your business in mind. We want to prevent any unnecessary interruptions to the workflow of your restaurant. That is why error messages are kept to an absolute minimum. If you do encounter an error message of any kind please call us at (323) 400-4035 or email us at

More questions?

Please contact your designated Dylish representative for any further inquiries, or contact our office at (323) 400-4035.

Customer FAQ

Placing an Order

  • Order from your favorite restaurant! Simply go onto their website and find the Order Now or Delivery button. This will open our ordering page, which can then be saved as an app on your mobile device for your convenience.
  • Scroll through the categories, find your favorite items, and add all the delicious options.
  • When checking out select pickup or delivery, fill out your info, leave a tip for the restaurant (optional), and send.
  • You’re set! Now wait on the confirmation email with the ETA, and keep an eye out for any updates.

Saving the App

  • Open the ordering page on your device’s native browser. Chrome for Android, and Safari for iPhone. 
  • Press the “INSTALL THIS APP TO HOME SCREEN” message that pops up on the screen and follow the steps.
  • On iPhone, you will tap the share icon, then scroll to find “ADD TO HOME SCREEN”, then save once the logo appears. 
  • On Android, press the 3 circles (options) button on the upper right corner and select the option “INSTALL THE APP”  


Once your order is confirmed, the confirmation email will have an ETA for your food to be ready. You can head over at the designated time. If it’s ready early, you’ll receive a follow-up email to let you know to head over.


For a Delivery order, you’ll also receive a confirmation email with an ETA. Once the food is ready, a driver is assigned and you will have their temporary contact information in your order email in case you need to reach out for additional delivery instructions.

Duplicate Orders

  • If you see duplicate orders or charges in your account, please contact our office at (323) 400-4035.
  • Most duplicate orders have the first authorization fall off, and only collect on one transaction. The duplicate authorization will fall off and reflect in your account between 3- 7 business days – depending on your bank.

Declined or Canceled Orders

  • If you receive a notification of a declined or canceled order it may be one of two things:
  1. The restaurant declined or canceled the order on their end. The notification you received should have a reason why.
  2. The order was processing, then bounced back due to an issue with your payment. If this happens, the order will not reach the restaurant.

Amount Charged

  • If the amount charged is different than the original amount of your order, please check your email for notifications about changes made to your order by the restaurant.
  • Notes on orders or food items are subject to change.

Can’t Order From the Restaurant

  • If the menu in the ordering page or the app is grayscale, the restaurant is either closed or not taking orders at that time. Check the business hours or check back in later. 
  • If the payment screen keeps loading after placing the order, there may be an issue with the payment. Please check the payment information or contact our office at (323) 400-4035.

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